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Case study - The Grange Arts Centre Oldham

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Theatre videography

Downstage, Upstage, Stage Left or Stage Right we've got it covered!

Downstage, Upstage, Stage Left or Stage Right we've got it covered!

You've spent months intricately planning, practicing and refining the performance to the point where stress takes on a new form and then suddenly the curtain goes down and its over for another year. To make sure you had something to show for it, you probably had a friend film it from the back of the theatre; a long static shot which shows little detail and, despite the perfection of the performance, is uncomfortable to watch for more than a few minutes. Of course what you really had in mind was a DVD that did the performance justice, filmed from many angles and edited together in a way to convey the drama, the fun and the emotion to a level of detail that showed off the talents of your cast. You probably also wanted to sell the DVD to the audience, to the general public, or have a copy made for each cast member and their family so they had something to show for their efforts.If all this is true, why not immortalise your performances with Hartshead Productions?

An amazing, professional, accommodating team. They go the extra mile to ensure that your recording is exactly as you would wish, discussing beforehand what your needs are & then going all out to achieve a finished product that you will treasure for years to come! Cannot recommend them highly enough. Have used them several times & will use them again (and again). - Sheila Blair (Manchester Musical Youth)

Why use Hartshead Productions?

WAWWA - Rent DVD Cover

We use a minimum of 5 cameras placed in such a way as not to hinder or distract the view of the audience. Usually the camera angles will consist of a static wide shot of the stage, two manned cameras at either side of the stage and a third manned camera in the centre. The location of further cameras will depend on the environment and the performance itself.Where possible we will attend the dress rehearsal, essentially rehearsing ourselves, so we're fully prepared for the performance. We offer an option to record a dress rehearsal performance and use it to make a trailer. This trailer, where appropriate, could be played in the theatre lobby before the main performance to boost interest and ticket sales.All our staff are CRB checked and clear to work with young people and in schools.
● Each camera will film a stunning 1080i Hi-definition image so every detail is recorded.
● Depending on the situation, we use tripods, fly-cam or harnesses to get the smoothest shot possible.
● For sound clarity, we use our own sound recording system which we can connect to existing theatre microphones or we can provide our own.
● Professional titles, credits and branding appropriate to the performance are included.

A box of DVDs from Hartshead Productions
● Each DVD or Blu-Ray is beautifully presented. When the disc is inserted custom made menus will appear allowing you to navigate the disc.
● Featurettes including out takes and audience reaction may be included where possible.
● The disc comes boxed with a professionally designed sleeve featuring names of lead cast and screen-shots of the performance.
● DVDs can be mass produced. Ask for one, we'll give it you in your hand. Ask for 100, we'll just find a big box and fill it. There's no top figure.

We've helped immortalise so many happy moments and here are just some of them:

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