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Filmed from several angles!

Wedding Video Still

Wedding Video Still #weddeo

Wedding Video Still

Wedding Video Still

Wedding Video Still

Wedding Video Still

Wedding Video Still

Wedding Videography

A wedding day is one of the most special days of your life #weddeo

Moments captured by the second by Hartshead Productions

It takes months, even years of planning and and organisation to get your family and friends all in one place to witness your special day. You put a lot of care and attention into making it beautiful and perfect. Yet when it finally arrives, you often miss many special moments while you're concentrating on what you need to do, where you should be and what you need to say.

As the happy couple, you don't get to see the reactions on your family and friends faces as they see what you have tirelessly prepared, the tiny details you have worked out in your mind and finally brought into reality. From the wedding dress through to simple things like table decoration. Added to that one partner normally doesn't see what happens to the other, up until the point they meet at the end of the aisle.

A Video wasn't on my list originally but so glad we had it filmed in the end. It captures all the little things that you don't necessarily notice or remember from the day itself. Some of my favourite parts in ours are where my husband is whispering stuff to me in church like "are you ready" priceless. I'd recommend any bride put videographer at the top of her list! xx (Sally Dransfield)

Why use Hartshead Productions?

Capture those intimate moments with Hartshead Productions

At Hartshead Productions we know how special your wedding is. Many videographers work alone using one camera. This means it is only possible to get one angle at a time. To improve this they need to adjust or move the camera while the wedding is in progress editing out the adjustments. At Hartshead we feel the whole event has to be included without cuts. To do this we use a minimum of 3 cameras placed as covertly as possible. We get shots of family and friends and their reactions to your special moment. Editing it to alternate the cameras will create a seamless account of the entire ceremony that is enjoyable to watch. But people still remark that they didn't even know we were there.
● Each camera will film a stunning 1080i Hi-definition image so every detail is recorded.
● Depending on the situation, we use tripods, fly-cam or harnesses to get the smoothest shot possible.
● Each DVD or Blu-Ray is beautifully presented. When the disc is inserted custom made menus will appear allowing you to navigate the disc.
● Featurettes, out takes and slideshows may be included where possible.
● Wedding ceremonies will be included in full, as will speeches, cake cutting and the first dance (if requested) Other parts of your day will be edited into montages set to music of your choice.
● The disc comes boxed with a professionally designed sleeve featuring names of the wedding party and screenshots of your day.

We've helped immortalise so many happy moments and here are just some of them:

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