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We Film For Free & Create Professional DVD's

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'No Cost' Filming

We will film your show, edit the raw footage and create a professional DVD/Blu Ray for you at zero cost. All our costs are paid for by DVD/Blu Ray sales directly from our website.

Multi-Camera Recording

Typically we would use 2 stationary cameras + 1 active camera controlled by our camera operators. This allows us to record multiple wide angles at once, whilst simultaneously focusing on the lead performers on stage.

Easy Online Shop

Our online shop gives parents easy access to finding their child's performance and ordering the DVD direct to their door. No worrying about holding stock, the logistics of delivery or tracking sales.

Bespoke Printed Disc & Case

Both the case and the DVD itself are designed & printed, giving them a really professional look. Included in the price of filming.

Amazing Support

Friendly top-notch support, before, during & after your event. We are available via phone, email & messenger.

Reliable & Professional

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Our clients

Leading dance schools and theater production companies we have worked with

Client reviews

Hartshead Productions have now done two of my dance school's shows and the DVDs are fantastic. I highly recommend them! Scott is a lovely guy and can’t wait for him to come and film again next year!
Absolutely fantastic DVD of my dance school show. Can't wait for my dancers to see it. Hartshead Productions have really captured the children brilliantly, having fun and making both me and their families proud. Thank you so much!
Thank you so much for recording the VAD Productions Dance Inspirations UK Finals in Blackpool. I'm delighted with my promo video! Professional, efficient and friendly staff. I look forward to working again with you all again at our future events.

When is your next show?

Our availability does fill fast so booking ahead is essential, if you have a date for your next show book now so we can start the planning process and ensure your show looks as amazing as it will undoubtedly be.