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The Right Tools?

Recently both in my professional capacities and my personal life I have realised that using the correct tools does make life easier and jobs simpler.

I have always been one to look as a piece of equipment or a tool and think do I really need this, is this in any way going to make things better or is it just a thing that makes me think I need it but really something else will do.

This is a real battle I have with my head on a regular basis.

Example 1: Car Trim Removal Tools

I recently went over to a friend’s house to get his help in fitting a new roof to my MR2, not a small job and one which I expected would take many hours and so I took every tool I could find. When I arrived my friend also had many tools lots of which I didn’t including a set of panel removal tools. These tools are plastic and have various ends on them for taking off interior panels in cars without scratching or breaking them.

Now both of us thought the same thing, plastic tools? A good screwdriver will do the same job, “I wouldn’t have bought these, but my partner got them so may as well give them a try” was the reply from my friend.

To my amazement they must have cut out at least an hour’s work as they made the job so easy, whereas on previous jobs the screwdriver has been hassle and also broken many plastic fittings which then needed gouging out with another tool or two.

These little pieces of plastic just made our lives so much easier and neither of us could fault them and stood in amazement.

Example 2: Canon HG20 vs Canon HG25

I recently attended a job with the cameras I setup the business with 7 years ago, these cameras have been great cameras, they helped us launch the business and have been nothing but dependable and so why would I not still use them.

It just so happened that I had two jobs on at the same time and they were the cameras available.

From the very start I found myself wondering how I could possibly ever have manages for so long just using these cameras, everything needs to be set any they cant be turned off before e the show because the setting reset when they go off so they need to be powered as the HDD inside them also drains the batteries very quickly.

The video is the same quality as the newer cameras, but the setup and use are very different, I had simply forgotten how much I don’t need to do with the newer cameras and also how much more efficient they are on power.

A newer camera will last for up to 6 hrs on a battery the older ones using the same batteries will only run for just short of 4 hrs.

I think its easy to assume that something isn’t necessary, but I think we all forget someone somewhere has identified a problem and made this tool or item to make that problem go away.


So next time you’re in a shop looking at something and trying to decide if its worth buying remember, there a reason someone made it, and another reason someone decided to sell it.